ACRON: Let Your Business Flow

ACRON is an information technologies consultancy firm established to become a stronger and global IT brand that’ll shape the international market for consultancy services and applications to meet the expectations of today’s world and future.

ACRON, was formed by merger of SAP Gold Partners, that have been taking Turkey one step forward since their early days in terms of information technologies and design, data integrity and process analysis, strictly following leading quality standards. Creating sector-based ready content solutions to holdings, sector leading large companies and SMEs, ACRON considers the ‘trust’ factor as an essential component of company genetics.

Considering the vast array of sectors the company served, ACRON has the structure to provide more rapid and more efficient solutions to each and every one of its customers, including small to medium enterprises thanks to its knowledge base and experience. Servicing companies in all sectors that determine the direction of the Country’s economy, ACRON is aware of the fact that “expertise” as an essential value. Based on this awareness ACRON will continue investing in sector expertise.

ACRON has “Best Performance Award” among SAP Business Partners and greatest number of SAP consultants, certified consultants, and “SAP Business Analytics” consultants in Turkey. Providing added-value services such as process consultancy, quality assurance department and the like, ACRON is a business partner that has competent service for over 200 customers. Having the competencies that’ll respond to all innovative trends and requirements of the information technologies sector, ACRON provides to its customers all the advantages of mobile technology in the field of end-to-end solutions. In addition, the Company’s cloud solutions help end users work more efficiently while providing companies cost advantage.

ACRON considers its ‘innovation’’ centered approach is the fundamental philosophy of the company, and creating comprehensive solutions to begin with and accounting for the work being done are the company’s principles. Providing the customer the opportunities of exploring and using the “Big Data” by means of SAP Business Analytics, ACRON helps companies work in much more efficient and rapid manner by sorting out only the required data pieces from among the high volumes of data. Moreover, ACRON greatly invests in the field of R&D, propelling power behind the information technologies sector, and is able to thoroughly share its customers’ solution creation processes.

Positioned as one of the most attractive information technologies consultancy firms in the geographic region of Turkey, ACRON adopts an innovative approach that encourages its customers and gives them trust and confidence they need for making new investments and achieving breakthroughs. Having created many custom software packages encompassing variety of sectors, ACRON will continue comprehending sectors’ requirements and developing smart software packages that provide custom solutions for every sector.

With over 350 consultants in its 400 people team and further enriched service content and custom package solutions, ACRON shall become one of the best known brands of information technologies. With Application Consultancy, Project Management Services and methodologies it uses, ACRON does not solely provide pinpoint solutions, but also offers process consultancy and added value services to its customers with its “Transformation Management” services. In addition, the Company shall continue to be sector leader thanks to its high “quality” approach in technology development, quality control consultancy, infrastructure, virtualization, licensing and support desk services.