ACRON’s goal is to offer its clients service levels beyond their expectations. The company is aware that the most important resource required in order to successfully achieve this goal is its employees, employees who add value to their work and create a difference. Being a ACRON employee means being a part of a team that acts with an understanding of service, that creates satisfaction and that successfully completes SAP sector projects, throughout Turkey, within the quoted costs. ACRON Management’s principle is to attract diligent, talented, creative and successful individuals, to then assist in their development, to keep the promotion paths to the senior levels open, to enable their staff to have a career in the industry and, thus, to work together with them for many years. The company has made all the necessary arrangements to be a company where all employees can follow the most up-to-date, cutting-edge technological developments, gain a range of skills, progress and improve their careers.


ACRONACRON’s employee profile consists of participative and honest individuals who are open to innovation and improvement, who have a team spirit and who place particular importance on the satisfaction of their internal and external customers. During recruitment, candidates are expected to have at least a bachelor’s degree. There is no age or gender discrimination. Job applications are accepted via our website, via the institutions and organizations that we cooperate with, from career days, and directly via our fax and career e-mail address.
For the Consulting positions that constitute a major proportion of the ACRON employees, the assessment process begins with a direct personal interview with the candidates. During these interviews, information is given on the candidate’s potential introduction to ACRON, the job description and employment conditions. Those interns at ACRON who start their careers as consultant candidates take a full-time training program for 3 months, during which they receive SAP-based software development and application training under the supervision of experienced consultants. At the end of this training process, those candidates who demonstrate performance above a set level are entitled to move into work as part of ACRON, beginning their careers as consultants ready to work in the SAP industry.

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  • 23 April 2020