Financial Accounting, Material Management, Cost Accounting, Human Resources Modules were put into live use within the scope of the first phase of Tosyalı Toyo SAP ERP Project where ACRON MILL Solution is located. In parallel with the investment made in Tosyalı – Toyo Çelik A.Ş, Phase 2 studies continue in Production Planning, Sales Distribution, Quality Control, Product Cost Accounting, Material Management, Warehouse Management Modules. PSI, the field automation and data collection system, will be located in the project where field automation is critical especially in the sector. Although quality control processes are carried out on the PSI specifically for the Quality Control Module, all quality planning data will be sent from SAP to PSI and the result entries and usage decision information will be transferred from PSI to SAP. In the Production Planning and Realization Module, line-based production charts will be sent along with all the production and process parameter values ​​required in the production of production lines and full-time quality control processes from SAP to PSI, and as the actual production takes place, the product produced to SAP in the reverse direction It is planned to retrieve all relevant detail information.