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The users can create new queries and analyze data easily with the SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence.


With SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence solution, the users can use the data reporting and analysis functions, in a single integrated product as self-service. Users can create a query from scratch, can form the information they have got, and can make easy analyze in order to understand the trends and causes underlying this information.


SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards provides your employees to interact with data easier and transform the complex business data into an understandable visual.


SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards is a data visualization tool that contains safe and live links for SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise, is specifically designed to create interactive analytics and dashboards and is reachable with one-click. You can share this handy visual elements through Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF, Web, Crystal Reports or SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence portal (Infoview).


With SAP BusinessObjects Crystal Reports, engaging reports containing impressive visuals can be generated in a short time.


The dynamic reporting solution enables you to design and examine your reports of SAP BusinessObjects Crystal Reports and also to enrich with visual items and send to relevant persons over the Web. The solution also makes the reports to be integrated into enterprise applications extremely easily. The users can generate reports with impressive design, perform business models on the report and can make quick decisions on this basis. The comprehensive sending options and advanced report designing tools can be used to send the reports to the relevant people.


SAP BusinessObjects Analysis offers a fast, comprehensive, collaborative reporting platform.


By the help of SAP BusinessObjects Analysis solution, the analysts can view the online analytical processing data (OLAP) quickly, respond to questions and then share the analyzes and work environments with others. Thus, information does not stay in one department or analysis group and communicated to other employees.