S / 4HANA is not only a traditional ERP, it is the new door of SAP that opens towards innovations. It is a simpler, more user-friendly and more interrelated ERP, by combining SAP’s years of sectoral / analytical ERP experience with the vision of new generation technology.

S / 4HANA adds both speed and innovation to your processes with the new and innovative database HANA developed by SAP. Besides the power of the database,

With the increasing correlation between S / 4HANA and all business processes, a new platform has been created where the related processes, which is one of the greatest value proposals offered by SAP, are completely integrated.

Traditional ERP etc. SAP S / 4HANA

Traditional ERP
The availability of high-quality ordering depends on the processes that take exceptional processes through more than one independent list and are time-consuming and error-prone.

The Simple, Role Defined Interface lists distressed and exceptional processes and enables salespeople to more easily identify and resolve issues. Customer satisfaction increases.