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The Weighbridge Application has been developed to allow weighbridge tasks to be executed and controlled through SAP. It allows weighbridges to be connected directly to the SAP sysytem without the requirement for an extraneous weighbridge software. All related controls and all the activity stemming from weighbridge processes are realized real time in SAP. Problems suffered with independent weighbridge programs such as the need for subsequent processing of the data, backups’ being created and kept in separate computers for each weighbridge, the weigbridge reports’ being created separately and then consolidated are eliminated.

The application plays an important part in speeding up the operations and increasing control especially in food, cement, chemical industries and the like which rely on weighbridge processes. It allows the processes that need to be performed through SAP following weighing goods received and issued to be automatically executed, so that weighbridge slips don’t need to be entered to the system subsequently. The jobs performed following weighings:

  • Automatic reception of goods corresponding to purchase orders
  • Automatic reception of goods without purchase order
  • Provisional admission of goods to the temporary warehouse
  • Making out consignment bills by creating automatic delivery at shipment stage
  • Automatic execution of internal stock transfer
  • Weighbridge operations can be followed through the SAP system, allowing the vehicles that come in and go out and those in the premises to be easily tracked.

The weighbridge application includes many functions that help control the plant entrance and exit processes:

  • Vehicle tare control
  • Vehicle load control
  • Calculation of net weight considering wastage and packaging weight
  • Special processes supporting tasks related to procurement from producers, such as determining producers, receiving of goods from producers, or creating producer receipts
  • Authorized staff being able to print loading/unloading orders, weighing slips, producer receipts, or sales consignment bills automatically through the weighbridge application
  • Attachment of entrance and exit photos to the weighbridge slip
  • Detailed follow up of all operations with the weighbridge report
  • Detailed inquiry of vehicle weighbridge status (eg. in the premises, out of the premises, loading)

Additionally, special functions are provided to follow up jobs other than internal transit, shipment and reception of goods, that do not create changes in inventory, eg. hauling waste/debris.

The Foreign Trade Module allows you to realize your import, export, and incentive jobs more easily and more efficiently. The logistics, financial, and incentives functions included in the module are listed below:

Logistics Functions

  • Real-time tracking of goods as Customs/Customs Warehouse, In Transit, and Warehouse Inventory
  • Detailed follow up of customs and clearance processes
  • Packaging and shipping element (container) tasks
  • Registering actual and planned departure and arrival dates of vehicles
  • Tracking of the details of vehicles’ lines and routes
  • Inspection (Quality Control) planning
  • Notification of predetermined parties via e-mail
  • Ability to create documentation related to import and export

Financial Functions

  • Controlling the actual exportation dates to be observed in accounting
  • Controlling planned and actual bills of insurance, freight, and other customs fees
  • Follow up of Documentary Credits integrated with Credit Management
  • Import payment and advance payment processes in accordance with the Turkish legislation
  • Detailed follow up of indirect procurement costs
  • Ability to enter the costs of importation incurred prior to the realization of payment/actual importation date
  • Currency conversion in accordance with import legislation
  • Detailed costing of import files

Incentive Processes

  • Opening and closing incentive files
  • Incentive positions, balances and reporting
  • Matching up of export declarations and incentives
  • Relating import and export operations to incentive files automatically

ACRON, caters for its clients’ needs for mobile solutions on a turnkey basis, drawing upon their experience in corporate projects realized since 2000. Mobile solutions are a great source of advantage in all processes like procurement, production and sales, where companies need automation.

ACRON Mobile Solutions Family consists mainly of the following components:

Mobile approval system:

In the mobile approval system, notifications for items waiting for approval in the SAP system are sent automatically to upper- and middle-management executives’ mobile devices (Blackberry, iPhone). This solution comes especially handy in the approval process of procurement requests and purchase orders, allowing managers to examine and approve the requests on their mobile, without accessing the SAP system.
Job orders appear also in the manager’s mailbox, so that they can perform approval through Outlook if they wish to do so.
ACRON Mobile approval system is the greatest help to managers.

Mobil Sales Management:

Customer loyalty, customer services, and shipment performance are among the top issues that companies continously strive to improve, especially in consumer goods industry. Increasing profitability depends largely on the improvements achieved on these matters.
It is vital for companies to increase shipment performance and quality, and to perform sales with more accuracy and speed in order to achieve these goals. Performance and efficiency in sales and shipment processes can be increased easily with mobile solutions. ACRON has automated the ordering and shipment processes of many companies in several industries with the mobile solutions they provide. Mobile Sales Management includes 3 main functions:

  • Order management: The sales executive can;
    • Perform customer visits on a predefined route,
    • Inform the customer about campaigns,
    • Register orders,
    • Perform credit check,
    • Perform surveys, registerscomplaints,
    • Register repair and maintenace requests about customers’ equipments,
    • Collect payment,
    • Register potential customers.
  • Shipment management: The shipment executive can;
  • Perform deliveries,
  • Collect returned goods,
  • Print invoices and consignment bills (via Bluetooth printer),
  • Collect payments.
  • Informing customers about campaigns,
  • Delivering goods from the vehicle with a consignment bill,
  • Making out invoices,
  • Collecting payments.
  • Hot sales

ACRON Mobile Solutions allow all field operations to be transferred to the SAP system and processed directly. Mobile Sales System is not a product designed exclusively for SAP; it can be easiy integrated with other corporate resource planning software programs.
It can also be operated directly through a web interface without a corporate resource planning software.

Production Operations:
Production management and follow up is one of the critical issues for companies, especially those with batch production. Companies need detailed information for production analysis, and up-to-date data for the ERP system to perform efficiently.

Mobile Solutions family provides the following functions developed to support production operations:

  • Actual production data input
  • Integration with production management systems
  • Reaffirmation of production via manual devices

It also comes in a version that works in integration with MII (Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence) to allow up-to-date tracking of production operations and connection to data collection systems.

Warehouse Operations:

Mobile Solutions are widely used in warehouse operations to allow speedy and accurate performance. The operations that can be performed via Mobile Solutions are:

  • Stock count operations
  • Palletization and undoing pallets
  • Racking
  • Speedy shipping by scanning pallet barcodes
  • Product return operations


RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology can also be used to manage production and warehouse operations more effectively.


RFID technology is a way of identifying objects using radio frequencies. It consists basically of a tag and a reader.
The advantages of RFID technology over barcode technology:

  • RFID systems allow accurate data exchange between the tag and the reader, whereas in barcode systems there is always a possibilty of error at the first reading.
  • The information in RFID tags can be changed, for example, the changes in ambient temperature can be recorded on RFID tags if desired, whereas in barcode systems, the label has to be changed in order to change the data.
  • The amount of information that can be stored on RFID tags is much higher than that on barcode labels.
  •  RFID tags do not need to be within line of sight of the reader for the data they carry to be read. On the other hand, a barcode label has definitely got to be in the lazer scanner’s line of sight to be read.
  •  RFID tags are not affected by dirt or moisture, unlike barcode labels for which dirty and humid environments pose a major problem.
  • Mass reading of RFID tags, where 10 to 100 tags can be read simultaneously, is possible, whereas barcode labels need to be scanned one at a time.
  • The reading of an RFID tag takes an average of 0.5 seconds whereas this time can go up to 4 seconds for a barcode label.
  • Reading RFID tags can be carried out automatically without incurring personnel costs. Barcodes, on the other hand, have to be manually scanned, making it impossible to avoid personnel costs. To automatize the barcode system, the barcode label location has to be standardized in the first place.
  •  RFID systems allow tag reading from a distance of up to 5 metres whereas this distance is limited to 50 centimetres at most in barcode systems.

RFID tags are impossible to copy or to read by eye, whereas barcode labels can be easily copied and changed

The ACRON Law Solution includes entering all the processes of the lawsuits and investigations to which institutions are parties, and the necessary reports can be obtained through this system. It is possible to enter the program of each case or investigation and to follow all the related phases. The application is a web-based program and can be accessed from any computer open to the Internet. When entering the program, user-specific, user name and password information must be entered.

It is possible to define users in the roles of attorney-attorney-manager, attorney-attorney-employee, law firm-manager, law firm-employee and master and translate business processes specially designed for these roles.

In the system, the creation of a new case or investigation job request, the status of the works to be done, the status of the past, the future and today, by using the extensive search functions in the case or investigation monitoring screen, the plaintiff’s title / name, Defendant title, name, Core Nunamaru, Court Place, Court Number, Court Type, Case Type traceability is possible. With the monitoring screens, it will be possible to keep all files, investigations and related activities on the system and to follow the results.

ACRON offers ready-to-use Portal Solutions whose efficiency and success have been proven with many applications. The ACRON ESS Package, which can be quickly integrated into your corporate processes, allows your existing applications to be presented to employees on the portal in the best way possible. ACRON ESS Package is a candidate to be the face of your company to the employees, with solution suggestions that address all Human Resources Processes as a whole.

You will be able to carry out many business processes through the portal and provide employee data in the shortest time possible with our product which is designed with a User Focus and can respond to variable processes in a short time. With the ACRON ESS Package plugin, you can turn SAP ESS applications into a product that responds quickly to Corporate demands, and offer interfaces to your employees where they can update all their personal data and view all the streams they are involved in. You will only have to analyze the data that can be analyzed.

With the ACRON Staff Budget Package, you can make comparisons between budget versions. You can report your budget costs based on period and cost location and cost component, depending on the number of your regular staff, and analyze how much the annual wage increases will cause you.

ACRON Wage Management Support Services Product is a product that provides a holistic management of all elements related to company employees by using rules and methods for a specific purpose. Economic conditions and differentiating workforce require very different factors to be taken into account in determining remuneration policies.

Budget Comparison reports can be integrated with the ACRON Wage Management Support Services Product, where multi-step wage increase scenarios can be carried out. With this integration, while applying the rules and methods, Performance Evaluation Results can be taken as basis and pricing correspondence can be made. The product, which enables the analysis of processes such as Wage analysis, Benefits analysis for existing employees, also offers Wage Offer Suggestion support.

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