SAP HXM Human Resources Experience Solutions

SAP HXM Human Resources Experience Solutions

Thanks to the increased motivation of businesses to use their human resources more efficiently, to reduce their costs and to work in the most suitable position for the company, constitutes the basis for the realization of its goals.

It consists of sub-modules that include all the processes that may be related to the personnel, from personnel selection and placement to work, from employee performance evaluation to salary management to travel and training planning.

Enriched with sub-modules containing these processes that businesses need, SAP Human Resources is designed in a flexible structure to make gradual transition with its structure open to development.

In addition, employees and managers are actively involved in these processes over the web using the ESS (Employee Self Service) / MSS (Manager Self Service) module.

Human Resources Functions

It is the area where personnel master data (personal information, position, rights, working hours…) are kept systematically by creating working groups suitable for the business structure. With these data files of the personnel belongings, traceability is provided in the system on historical basis.

Fee Management
It covers the determination of the relative values ​​of jobs and positions. Charges research is the basis for the establishment of the wage structure. In addition, real personnel costs are compared with budgeted costs.

Personnel Cost Planning
It covers the calculation of personnel expenses on the basis of person / department, making plans and making decisions according to the expense items.

It covers operations specific to payroll, calculations in accordance with legal procedure, SSK, İşkur report printouts, bank diskettes. It is automatically accounted with the structure of the payroll integrated with the accounting module.

Time Management
It is the sub-module where personnel working periods, leave quota and status are followed and shift system, if any, is planned. Salary calculation is made according to the time schedule that occurs.

Budget Management
Budget Management is used to determine company targets, to make planning and control the transactions with budgets and to support the decisions of management mechanisms.

Work Placement Management
It includes determining the qualifications required for vacant positions for the company to find the best employees, keeping and tracking the application records, conducting the appropriateness evaluations of the applications.

Competence Management
In the recruitment process, it provides the optimum decision to be made by placing the appropriate person in the appropriate position and by comparing the characteristics required by the position with the approach aimed at the development of the existing personnel.

Performance Management
It is the sub-module where development programs are planned, aiming to increase motivation by setting performance criteria for employees on the way to achieving corporate goals.

Training and Meeting Management
It has been prepared for planning and following up business trainings, removing costs, registering the participants and making training evaluations.

Travel Management
It is designed to include planning, costing, and time management functions with applications that optimize travel processes.

Increasing employee and managers’ efficiency in human resources processes over the Internet.

to find the best people and to identify the potential candidates It allows to coordinate cooperation in case. There are items such as talent store, personnel recruitment, service center, analytics. Advanced portal and collaboration technology allows the solution to collaborate efficiently among business partners.