SAP HXM SuccessFactors

ACRON enriches its consultancy services in SAP HCM solutions with cloud-based SAP SuccessFactors products.
SuccessFactors, which will serve between SAP’s cloud solutions with its successful team and technologies in the field of Cloud-based Human Resources Management (HCM); SAP’s cloud applications will increase the acceleration it has achieved in platforms and infrastructures. With the cooperation between SAP and SuccessFactors, advanced, end-to-end cloud solutions are expected to be prepared for the management of related business processes.

ACRON reinforces its expertise in this field by adding SuccessFactors applications to the projects it has realized in the field of Human Resources Management and its knowledge accumulation.

Competition is tough, budgets are tight, managing your workforce effectively has never been so critical.
To be successful, your team must be working together and positioned in the right direction. Your employees should understand the strategic importance of the work they do and be able to keep up with the changing conditions in the field of their work.

  • Seeing your current workforce more comprehensively,
  • Organize the cooperation and communication of the employees,
  • Determining the targets of the employees with the right strategy,
  • Identify, retain and reward high performers better,
  • Achieving your goals with an innovative performance management,
  • Make more informed decisions

makes it easier…

Incorrect choices in hiring can be costly. So you can miss the perfect employee you are looking for.
The Recruting Plus combines Recruiting and Social Founding products with the Success Factors BizX Platform. This powerful combination gives you everything you need to make more useful and strategic decisions in recruiting. Thus, you can find the employee you are looking for the first time and you can hire it.

Recruiting Plus;

  • Mobilize your social networks to find the best talent,
  • Your understanding of which social networks are most suitable for you in recruitment,
  • Organize recruitment productivity and collaboration,
  • See your current workforce and measure its impact on recruitment,
  • It makes it easier for you to continue your business success.
  • A smarter workforce can have a strong competitive advantage. To do this; you need the right learning strategy and the right learning solution.

Learning Plus combines BizX Platform and Learning and Jam products to provide the most comprehensive innovative learning solutions.

While you contribute to the career development of your employees, social and variable information increases the effectiveness and efficiency of our learning programs.

Learning Plus;

  • Improve your productivity by developing and using your workforce,
  • Reduce your operational expenses through Saas-based learning,
  • Monitoring and measuring your learning activities,
  • Automatically assign trainings according to the qualifications of the employees,
  • Sharing social and mixed learning,
  • Evaluate and measure the business impact of your learning programs,
  • Providing trainings to your customers and partners throughout your organization,
  • It makes it easier for you to support mobile access for “Learning on the Go”.